Meditations on Psalm 40 – I waited patiently

I have wanted to begin a series of blogs on Psalm 40. This beautiful psalm is one that I am trying to memorize and I have begun my meditations on this psalm to find the true and deep meaning of David’s words, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

“I waited patiently for the LORD.” Psalm 40:1

I want to meditate on ‘patiently.’ David waited patiently for the LORD. This Hebrew word can mean either ‘patiently,’ which is the NAS translation, or ‘intently.’ Here I am going to consider the word as meaning ‘patiently.’

I can wait patiently for the Lord because I am confident that the the LORD hears my voice now, and I know that He will answer me in His perfect time. No matter my personal feeling of urgency, I know that the LORD is aware of the full panorama of my circumstances and knows the outcome already. And so I approach His throne and wait patiently for His answer. I can be patient because I have seen Him answer countless times before. I can be patient because I know He wants the best for me. I can be patient because He cares for me and has compassion for me. I can wait patiently because I trust the promises of His word. I will wait patiently because this waiting tests and strengthens my faith. I will wait patiently because part of the joy of waiting is the extended fellowship with Him that comes during these times. I will wait patiently for Him because another part of the joy is anticipating His perfect answer in His perfect time. And so “I waited patiently for the LORD.”

SDG rmb 9/24/2015

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