Genesis 27: The Gospel in Jacob’s Deception

I have just added a page to the site that is a fairly lengthy study of Genesis 27, where Jacob and Rebecca conspire together to deceive Isaac and get him to give the family blessing to Jacob instead of to the first-born, Esau. In this narrative that tells how Jacob gets the blessing by lying and deceiving, I maintain that the gospel is hidden and awaiting discovery. Here is a short excerpt from the page: Isaac asks Jacob, “Are you really my son, Esau?” Jacob is wearing a clumsy Esau-disguise, but Isaac is willing to believe that the person before him is really Esau. And likewise, God the Father allows the robe of righteousness that Christ has wrapped around us (Isaiah 61:10) to disguise Him from our true identity. “Are you really My Son Jesus? Because you look to me and you sound to me an awful lot like that sinner, Roy Britton. But if you confess to Me that you believe in My Son and that you will obey Me forever, then I am willing to accept this clumsy disguise as good enough to merit My blessing. If you have on a Jesus-disguise, then I will give you His blessing regardless of how sinful you are.”

This captures the idea pretty well. Go to my pages and read the entire study. I think you will enjoy it. SDG rmb 1/16/2016

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