Two Celebrations at My Death

I found this note from my archives. From May 31, 2010:

“I want to live in such a way that the devil throws a party when he hears of my death.”

As some of you will know, this is not original with me (I forget which saint originally penned this), but it does succinctly capture one of my deepest desires. I want to live a dangerous life; that is, I want to live a life that is dangerous to Satan and to his kingdom, a life that demolishes his strongholds. I want my name on hell’s Post Office wall. I want there to be an ongoing APB (all-points bulletin) for my arrest and capture by the forces of this present darkness. I do not want to go quietly. I want my departure from this earthly field of battle to bring a sigh of relief from the prince of the power of the air.

And so that will mean that there are two celebrations at my physical death. There will be one in heaven as I enter into the joy of my Master (Matthew 25:21) and I get to worship my great God face to face with all the redeemed of all the ages (Rev. 7:9). Yes, there will be joy in heaven (Luke 15:7, 10) as I enter in.

And there will be another celebration in hell as this combatant falls asleep and the kingdom of darkness is finally rid of me.

Let’s all live so that there will be two celebrations upon our death.

SDG       rmb       7/21/2017

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