The Necessity of the Gospel – Intro

As I drink more deeply of the riches of the Old Testament and as I pay greater heed to what the authors of the Scripture reveal through the veil of their words, the more I see the absolute necessity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Indeed, the Lord Jesus and the good news that He brings to ruined sinners overshadows all of the Old Testament, but the gospel breaks through with special power in those passages where forgiveness or transformation or redemption or salvation are mentioned. What takes place in these passages or what is described in them is so dramatic that it demands an explanation, and yet in all of human experience there is no way to explain what occurs except by the grace of God displayed in the gospel of our Lord Jesus. In this series of blogs (studies). I want to look at Old Testament passages that require the gospel to explain them. Therefore this series will be called “The Necessity of the Gospel.” I think that you will see more clearly the beauty of our Savior and the power of His finished work as He is revealed in these verses.

Soon, Isaiah 12:1-3 reveals the necessity of the gospel.

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