Borrowed Grave to Glorious Resurrection

Jesus borrowed the grave of Joseph of Arimethea, used it for three days and then gave it back to Joseph just as empty as it had been before He used it.

Because that is the case, in all likelihood Joseph of Arimethea was buried in the grave that Jesus vacated. After all, it was Joseph’s grave. One reason why we have no real idea where Jesus had been temporarily buried after His crucifixion is because, when joseph died, his body occupied that grave and this lost all its uniqueness.

But also realize that the early church, after Easter morning, never once so much as glanced back to the empty tomb in Jerusalem, but rather charged out to the ends of the earth with the gospel of the glorious resurrection of King Jesus. Jesus had risen from the dead and had conquered the grave and now, for His disciples, death has lost its ability to threaten. Just as Jesus Christ temporarily occupied a grave and then was gloriously resurrected, so all those who have died in Christ will temporarily occupy a grave and then will be gloriously resurrected at Christ’s return. Jesus Christ has conquered every grave, not just the grave of Joseph of Arimethea. Now the grave of every follower of Jesus is temporarily occupied by a saint who has fallen asleep, but on that day, when the Rider on the white horse appears from heaven (Revelation 19:11-16) with a deafening shout and with a trumpet blast, all these graves will surrender their occupants in the resurrection of the righteous. And so we await the day when the dead in Christ shall rise and we shall be quickly changed and all those in Christ will meet their Savior face to face at last.

Soli Deo Gloria        rmb        7/16/2019

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