Two biblical studies: Daniel’s Seventy Weeks and Yom Kippur in Leviticus 16

I am doing a lot of reading and studying in the end-times passages in the Scriptures, and have been digging deep into chapters 7-12 of Daniel lately. I have always enjoyed the narrative stories in Daniel 1-6 with their heroes and the amazing ways the Lord rescued and promoted His brave and faithful servants in Babylon, but I have thus far been reluctant to plunge into Daniel’s visions and prophecies in the second half of the book. But now, since I have more time available for study, I have rolled up my sleeves and drilled down. The latest fruit of that “drilling” is a thorough study of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks in Daniel 9:24-27. My study can be accessed by the link below. Please read it and let me know your thoughts. rmb 9/22/2020

Since the Jewish day of atonement, Yom Kippur, is approaching (it will be here on September 27 this year), I decided to take a long look at Leviticus 16, where the Bible records the LORD’s commands regarding this most serious of days, to discover what riches I might find there. It turns out that this passage is rich with symbolism and heavy with foreshadows. I wanted especially to help my Jewish friends answer the question, “Since this ceremony can no longer be practiced as the LORD commanded it to be done, how do we atone for our sins?” In the article that I wrote (see the link below), I describe what I believe is the answer. Check it out and see if you agree with me. SDG rmb 9/22/2020

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