The Last Act of the Drama is published

For more than a year I have been spending a significant portion of my writing bandwidth on a book project creating a guide for the end-times. Finally, after many hours of writing and rewriting, and many hours of prayer, the work has been completed and it has now been self- published on the Amazon KDP platform.

The work is called:

The Last Act of the Drama: A guide to the end-times. Here is the URL link.

Why would I write a book on the end-times? Many believers find the study of end-times prophecy in the Bible (eschatology) intimidating and confusing, a few are passionate about eschatology, but all Christians and many non-Christians should be interested in end-times prophecy now because of the unprecedented events that fill our daily news feeds. In every corner of the globe and in every sphere of human endeavor, startling events are occurring with bewildering frequency, and the question must be asked, “Are we nearing the end?” Are all these crazy events somehow related to the return of Christ? The only way to answer that question is to have a firm grasp on what the Bible says about the end of the age and about the return of Christ. That is the intended value of this guide, that it will help the average Christian to understand the end-times.

Specifically, here are excerpts from the book:

“This book is written to help the follower of Jesus better understand the final act of God’s grand drama by showing how the end-times passages in the Bible fit together to create a cohesive and unified whole. The Bible presents the end of the age as a completed puzzle with no extra pieces and no missing pieces. All prophecy is fulfilled, and all promises are kept. The challenge lies in seeing how all the pieces fit together and in grasping the meaning of the individual pieces so that their place in the drama can be understood.”

Regarding the purpose of the book:

“The PURPOSE of this book is to help the believer understand the Bible’s teaching about the end of the age and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ so that their hope in Christ is strengthened and their anticipation of the Lord’s appearing is heightened. To achieve this purpose, the attempt has been made to make the explanations and interpretations readily accessible to the sincere student of Scripture.”

So, I invite you to check the book out on the Amazon site with URL above. SDG                 rmb                 10/27/2021

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