A “checklist” for measuring a disciple’s progress

I have been a disciple of Jesus Christ for more than thirty years. I met the Lord when a friend and I were climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in September 1990. After my conversion, I was baptized upon profession of my faith in Jesus in April 1991 and began my walk as Jesus’ disciple. Since that time, I have been a student of discipleship, seeking to define and measure spiritual growth as the disciple of Christ matures and changes, as the disciple grows in Christlikeness.

Recently I have developed a “checklist” for assessing growth as a disciple and have put that checklist on my website so that others can access it. You can see that list at this link:

https://roysreflections.com/are-you-growing-in-christ-and-as-a-disciple-of-christ-a-disciples-spiritual-checkup/(opens in a new tab)

This checklist will be one of the tools that I am including in an upcoming book on the broader topic of Discipleship. That work will probably be completed sometime in 2023. RMB

SDG                 rmb                 6/8/2022                 #540

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