Evaluating the case for evolution – Part 2

POST OVERVIEW. The second in a series of posts evaluating the case for evolution from the perspective of a biblical creationist. (See also post #633 from 3/20/2023.)

My stated purpose in this series of posts is “to objectively explore the fundamental ideas of evolution and then to examine the validity and credibility of these ideas. My purpose for this exercise is to set up the situation where a person like me who holds to a biblical view of creation can examine the case for evolution and see if the evidence for evolution is persuasive.”

In the first post of the series (#633 on 3/20/2023), I presented three ideas that threaten the credibility of evolution: the origin of matter, evolution’s amazing abilities, and evolution’s curious improvements to the species. In this post, I will be asking questions about the nature of evolution and also about the body of knowledge that defines what exactly evolution is.

I will begin this post on evaluating evolution as I began the last one. As a Bible-believing disciple of Jesus Christ, I will present evidence for biblical creation.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. – Genesis 1:1

The Bible is the most popular, most influential book in the history of mankind, and the first verse of the Bible presents a clear statement about the origin of the universe, making a case for creation. As we evaluate the case for evolution, we should keep in mind that the Bible presents strong evidence for another view.


  • Since evolution is about incremental improvements in a species, how does evolution identify the species that needs to be improved or changed?
  • If a species has existed for millions of years and countless generations, why would that species need to evolve? For example, why would a shark need to evolve or be improved? A shark seems to be remarkably well adapted for survival in its current environment. Or choose another species of animal and state the basis of a need for improvement.
  • How does evolution produce improvements and changes in species in a universe where the second law of thermodynamics also operates and everything is inevitably and irresistibly moving to greater disorder?
  • Is evolution a force? If so, how can its existence be measured?
  • Can evolution be seen? Heard? Felt? Detected? Does evolution have mass and occupy space? If not, how can its existence be proven in any way?
  • When did evolution come into existence? How did evolution come into existence? Since, according to proponents, evolution has existed for billions of years, is evolution effectively eternal?
  • Does evolution exist on other planets and in other galaxies, or is its existence limited to earth?
  • Why would evolution need to exist where there were no living species to be improved or that needed to evolve?
  • Is evolution responsible for creating from the Big Bang the order that we see throughout our visible universe? (If so, then evolution must be able to work with inanimate as well as animate material. From the unimaginably chaotic, lifeless explosion of the Big Bang, not only was evolution able to produce the astonishing beauty we see in the heavens over our heads, displayed in countless galaxies of stars, but evolution was also able to create from swirling, churning, lifeless cosmic debris all the existing living plant and animal and insect and bacteria species that we find on our inhabited planet called earth.)
  • How did evolution create life from the lifelessness of the Big Bang?
  • How did evolution create water from not-water?
  • How did evolution create two genders for each species, male and female?
  • How does an eye evolve?
  • How does an ear evolve?
  • How does a bird’s wing evolve?
  • How does a lung or a heart evolve?
  • How does a reproductive system evolve?
  • Is evolution itself a living thing?
  • Does evolution have intelligence? What is the source of evolution’s intelligence?
  • Who are the recognized experts on the subject of evolution? (national, international, historical)
  • Which colleges have majors in Evolution? Which colleges offer PhD’s in Evolution?
  • If I majored in Evolution, what career fields would be open to me?
  • What are the leading colleges and universities in the field of evolution?
  • What courses do they offer? Who teaches these courses?
  • Where is research being done to further our understanding of evolution?
  • What are the foundational principles of the field of evolution?
  • What are the best basic books for explaining the subject of evolution?
  • Are there conferences where evolutionists gather?

That is probably enough questions for now.

I am sure that some of these questions will be easier for the evolutionist to answer than others, but I think that, for me as a biblical creationist, hearing some of these answers would at least give us an opportunity for dialog.

Soli Deo gloria            rmb                 3/22/2023                   #635

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