Challenge questions, group 1

Sometimes I think to myself, “What separates me from any unbeliever? Yes, I am a follower of Jesus, but does anything in my life blare out that I am completely committed to the Lord Jesus?” In light of these sorts of musings, I wanted to blog a series of such questions to challenge me and my fellow believers to live radically for Jesus.

Challenge Questions 1: Would you risk being considered a fool for Jesus’ sake? That is, would you be willing for people to consider your actions odd or strange if it brought you into contact with unbelievers and opened a door for a conversation about Jesus? Would you risk being rejected and ridiculed if you could present the gospel to a lost person? Are you willing to tell the gospel to an unbeliever, knowing that, unless the Holy Spirit opens the person’s eyes and heart, the gospel is foolishness to them, because these ideas are spiritually appraised, and that you would sound like a fool to that unbeliever? Have you ever been a fool or felt like a fool in front of other people because you were bold for Jesus Christ?

Think about these questions. Of course, I am not talking here about intentionally acting like a fool or purposefully making a fool of yourself. That is the last thing that I personally would want to do. But are we willing to take the risk that we will be thought odd or fanatical or brainless or out of touch when we tell the world about Jesus? That is the question. Am I willing to experience discomfort and awkwardness and even ridicule or hostility because I speak out about Jesus?

RMB 5/19/2015

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