Challenge questions, group 2

Sometimes I think to myself, “What separates me from any unbeliever and makes me different and set apart? Yes, I am a follower of Jesus, but does anything in my life blare out that I am completely committed to the Lord Jesus?” In light of these sorts of musings, I wanted to continue a blog of a series of such questions to challenge me and my fellow believers to live radically for Jesus.

Challenge Questions 2: If you profess to be a Christian, how does being a Christian affect your daily life? How has being a follower of Jesus Christ changed or affected your life? In other words, are there major crossroads in your life that are marked by a decision to choose the Lord’s way and not man’s? What looks different about your life as a follower of Jesus than what your life would look like if you were not a follower of Jesus? If you were not a follower of Jesus, would there be anything different about your life, about what you did with your time or about how you made decisions or about how you viewed the future or how you viewed the world?

Think about these questions and try to give answers. I think these questions all have the common theme of begging the question, “What difference does Jesus make in your life and what difference has He made in your life?” How would you answer that question? What if an unbeliever to whom you were explaining the gospel asked you this question? What would you tell him / her? Surely our testimony should declare the excellencies of Christ and of how He has radically changed us. Consider how you can tell of the changes Jesus has made in your life as part of your salvation testimony.  (RMB 5/20/2015)

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